Creating A Perfect Essay About Love In Literature

Love is a ubiquitous emotion that can be a winning topic for a literature essay as long as you follow a few necessary rules. By following these rules, presented by MyPaperDone, and writing well, your literature teacher or professor will fall head over heels for your essay.

  1. Don’t get too lovey dovey.
  2. Yes, you’re writing about love, but that doesn’t mean you have to give your praise or personal experience for an example on it. Unlike other subjects, you don’t need to feel compelled to introduce the subject or describe it in depth in order for your professor or teacher to understand. More than likely, your professor or teacher has fallen in love before, and so the experience is shared between the two of you. If you absolutely need to write about love somewhere in your paper, it should be in the last few sentences and only in relation to the books you’re writing about.

  3. Be well read.
  4. This might not be an easy thing to accomplish if you’re reading this article a day before your paper is due, but nevertheless it is sure to help you out in your Literature class eventually. An easy way to be well read without putting in quite as much time is to use an online speed reading helper, such as Readsy or Sprintz, for a select group of books. In the matter of two weeks, you should have four or five books read in whole and still retain more information than you may had you read one every two weeks. This is going to make it easier for you to write this and any paper in your literature class, but it’s also going to make you sound miles more comprehending than someone who has only read the summaries or Sparknotes page for a book.

  5. Develop an argument.
  6. It may seem hard when you’re comparing an emotion as soft and precious as love, but you still need to write your paper with a thesis in mind. Read all the books you were planning to read in full, and then maybe make a Venn Diagram on how they use love as a literary theme or tool in their narrative. If one book drastically stands out, then you can make your thesis on how X book differs in its usage of love as Y literary device, and then use loads of evidence to back it up. This confusing topic just got you a clear and simple fantastic grade in your Lit class!