Writing a Descriptive Essay: Tips and Topics that will work without fail

The essay writing process can be difficult when you do not completely soak yourself in the meaning of the category your topic comes under. There are several categories of essay writing, and a descriptive essay is one of them. 

  • Descriptive essay vs narrative essay

A descriptive essay is different from a narrative essay. In the narrative essay, you are required to describe in detail the topic that is under discussion. In the description essay, you are required to paint a picture for the readers. All of this is possible through the magic of the words you chose. Creating a vivid picture in the mind of your readers is your goal. Working on a descriptive essay is not an essay task. You will need to work hard on your writing skills and then improve them by writing repeatedly. The readers will only indulge themselves in reading an essay that is beautifully written and describes the situation perfectly. 

  • Pre-writing phase

As the heading suggests, this phase comes before the actual writing has begun.  This phase deals with the writer’s selection of the topic that he/she will spend their time working on. You must be incredibly careful when thinking or coming up with a topic. It would help if you considered your readers and their interest. It would be best if you avoided from delving into the topics that you believe your readers might not like. After all, the main purpose of working on an essay is so that people can read it. You can come up with the topic of the essay through the process of brainstorming. 

Some of the topics are mentioned below that can help you out in your selection process

  1. Describe the person you admire the most
  2. Describe your encounter with a beggar
  3. Tell us about your first meeting with your best friend
  4. Discuss the funniest thing that ever happened to you
  5. Discuss the book or movie that has changed your perspective about certain things.
  6. Describe a day that you spend with a stranger
  7. Discuss your feelings about your college
  8. Describe the feeling that you had when you experienced your first snowfall
  9. Describe the feeling that you had when you experienced your first flight
  10. Describe a person with a heart of gold
  • Scribbling phase

Once you have come up with the topic, the next step is to scribble down all the tiny details about the essay. As this is a descriptive essay, you do not have to be precise. You should explain everything to the best of your abilities so that the readers can get an idea about the scenario that you are trying to explain. 

  • Drafting phase

The next phase is the drafting process. Write the first draft of your essay. Once completed, check it repeatedly. If you are trying to describe a sound, explain it to the readers by using the descriptive and figurative language. Describing everything to the readers would help them in creating a mental image of the scene.


Working on a descriptive essay can be an easy task if you work hard on it. It would help if you also read other people’s essays to get an idea about their writing style. Once you have completed your essay, revise it thoroughly. Make sure that all your paragraphs are making sense. Do not use extremely hard words that the common people would find difficult to understand.