How To Find The Best Essay Helper On The Web

If you are tired of writing boring essays, finding an essay helper should be the next step to take. Besides writing poor quality papers, students seek professional assistance for other reasons; to create more study time and attend to other important things. Here, you will learn how to locate a professional helper that can solve your essay challenges.

Know your essay type

There are different types of essays. So before you award your writing project, make sure you are familiar with them. Though the writing helper may understand your requirements, you still have to provide clear instructions from the onset.

Here are the different essay types you need to know

  • Descriptive essays
  • In a descriptive essay, you have to describe an object, place, person or an important memory. You need to show what you are describing and not tell it.

  • Narrative essays
  • The narrative essay is just like descriptive essays. But here, you need to share a real-life experience of yourself or an encounter you have had. Also, this type of academic writing involves writing in the first person and is more engaging.

  • Expository essays
  • Here, you are expected to present a balanced analysis of the given topic. Information has to be concrete and you are also expected to use statistics, facts, and examples to drive home your points.

  • Persuasive essays
  • The persuasive essay writing is almost the same as expository essay where the writer is expected to present of facts. But in this case, you need to build a case using logic, expert opinion, facts and sound reasoning.

Get help online

You can find a writer for your research paper online, but an in-depth search is needed. Remember, there are tons of writing services online, but finding one that can deliver quality is the ideal option. So be ready to conduct in-depth research to discover a helper that can provide quality paper.


  • Request for a written sample or previous examples
  • Check the price per page and compare it with other services
  • Find out the qualification of the writer before committing
  • Ask if the writer can deliver the paper by the agreed deadline.

Ask friends and colleagues

Your friends or colleagues may be using an essay typer but you may not have noticed. It could be one of the reasons they are excelling in their academics, and also have freer time to study hard. You can find out from them if they can recommend a writing helper that can fix your paper consistently. Request for more than one professionals to have the opportunity to select the finest from the numerous options you have.

Be direct when communicating with the writer like; “can you write my essay and deliver on the given deadline”? You have to be sure he or she can deliver so you will not get disappointed. The reputation of the writing helper matters a lot. So check the reviews to know if others were satisfied with their services before committing yourself.


One of the least explored ways to learn how to write an essay is by using professional helpers. They have the knowledge and experience so can provide quality paper void of errors. Finding a professional writer that can deliver quality writing would not be an easy thing because there are tons of them out there. But with the steps above, you can find yourself the best irrespective of the budget.