Academic Writing Solutions: The 16 Best Essay Topics For College Students

Choosing a fantastic topic for your college essay can present you with a bit of a problem, especially if you have no idea where to start looking. That’s why we’ve compiled this brilliant list of the sixteen best essay topics just for college students like you!

Argumentative essay topics

Argumentative papers are formal papers that require you to prove a certain point of view about a specific issue. You need to make use of facts and examples to prove your point of view on the matter. Have a look at these great ideas:

  1. The so-called war on terror has led to many more human rights violations
  2. The disintegration of the traditional nuclear family (composed of a father, a mother and children) has resulted in a loss of family values
  3. If people expect the police to fight crime effectively, they should be willing to give up more of their privacy
  4. All workers, including essential services workers, should have the right to strike if their needs are not being met
  5. Teachers should be allowed to carry weapons at schools to protect themselves and their students

Descriptive essay topics

Descriptive papers are also formal papers, but in this type of paper you’re expected to provide a detailed description of a person, place, item or event for the reader. You need to use vivid imagery and evocative language to bring the concept to life. Here are a few excellent ideas:

  1. The most beautiful place you’ve ever visited
  2. The ugliest human interaction you’ve ever watched (this is not about the most gruesome thing you’ve seen, it can be as simple as an extremely cruel insult)
  3. The most vibrant person you know or have met
  4. The strangest artifact you’ve ever seen in a museum
  5. The most touching moment you’ve ever witnessed

Cause and effect essay topics

Cause and effect papers are, yet again, formal papers. Here you’re required to describe why something happened (the cause) and what happened because of this (the effect). These ideas may spark your interest:

  1. The causes and effects of the growth in the bottled water industry
  2. The causes and effects of the increase in prescription drug abuse
  3. The causes and effects of long term unemployment
  4. The causes and effects of piracy
  5. The causes and effects of choosing not to vote in government elections
  6. The causes and effects of being isolated from other people