English Essay Topics

Choosing a topic for the essay is regarded as one of the most difficult processes even before the actual writing has started. But if you are not able to choose the topic properly, you might not even be able to conduct the brainstorming sessions appropriately. Mentioned below are 15 categories, and within each category are listed the topic that we feel will serve best for the essay writers who are trying to write something that people would enjoy and at the same time learn something.

Topics related to COVID-19

  • Discuss if the in-class Education is better or worse than online schooling.
  • Discuss if the COVID-19 has caused the families to come closer to each other drew apart
  • Discuss the new habits and practices that have become prevalent due to the pandemic

Topics related to Body Image

  • Tell us if you think that romantic movies are affecting the real relationships
  • Discuss if the young men go through the body image problems as well
  • Discuss if women should get plastic surgery done to improve their overall look

Topics related to News

  • Explain the term ‘fake news.’
  • Discuss if ‘unbiased reporting’ exists or not
  • Discuss if it is a good way to stay informed by watching satire and comedy news alone

Topics related to the Mental Health

  • Is it possible to cure brain-damage caused by drugs?
  • Discuss the techniques that can be used to cure the PTSD
  • Discuss if the video games are bad or good for the kids

Topics related to New Technology

  • Is it a good idea to use the self-driving truck?
  • Can the issue of identity theft be reduced by using the face-detecting software?
  • Provide a comparison between the PC and Mac

Topics related to Social Media

  • Discuss if texting during the driving is illegal
  • Discuss if the relationship between the children and their parents is changing due to the social media
  • How is it possible to use the power of social media to handle the problem of bullying?

Topics related to High School Life

  • Discuss the various methods of concentration while studying
  • Is it important to learn a second language?
  • List down the various ways of asking a date to prom

Topics related to Food and Eating

  • Discuss the reasons behind the junk food being so addictive
  • Is it a healthy decision to start a gluten-free diet?
  • Provide a comparison between Starbucks and any local coffee place

Topics related to Education

  • Discuss if homework is good for students
  • List down the best methods of taking notes during the class
  • Discuss if maths is a hard subject to understand

Topics related to Tattoo and Body Piercing

  • Discuss if getting a tattoo is safe
  • Provide a comparison between the tattoos of men and women
  • Can a tattoo be considered ‘art’?

Topics related to Criminal Justice

  • Discuss if the legalization of marijuana will lead to a reduction in crime rate
  • Discuss if the illegal immigrant commits more crime

Topics related to Business

  • Discuss if owning a business is a better career choice
  • Discuss if the businesses hire the people who are mentally or physically disabled

Topics related to Health

  • List down the treatments that are considered the best for treating the Type 2 diabetes
  • What causes bipolar disease?

Topics related to Entertainment

  • Why do the adults also enjoy Disney movies?
  • How important will be ‘virtual reality’ in the entertainment business?

Topics related to Sports

  • Provide a comparison between the Rugby and American football
  • How important will be ‘virtual reality’ in sports?

Topics related to Family

  • Discuss if the interracial marriage is a good idea
  • List down the various reasons behind divorces