How To Get a good Grade

Many students think that they need to be real talents in order to write a good essay. There are students who get an A+ easily and some of them struggle a lot with the paper. But it’s very wrong to think that you can’t get an A+ for your paper. The first reason is that you have never even tried to be better at writing. You may have used the wrong guidelines and topics. However, we are here to show you, that you can get a really good grade for your assignment. Here are the secrets of a well-written essay:

The outline

When you decide about the topic and when you have really done the research, than you can write an outline. You can have several bullet points with the most important ideas you want to cover. You have probably had the chance to see, that when you start writing without a plan, you sometimes change your mind in the middle of everything. To avoid that and to avoid working too long, you should have an outline. This is a kind of a structure plan for your paper and it can help you a lot. Just put the information you want into sections and stick to that while writing.

Analyze samples

One of the things that can really help you with your own essay, is to take a look at some samples from former students. Try to find those in libraries or on the internet. You can search for your topic and see if there is a paper that contains your topic. Who will work on my essay? We will at with pleasure. Analyze it and try to get an idea, about how it should look like. You can learn a lot from those papers. You will be able to see the mistakes but also the amazing parts of it. Apply your knowledge to your own assignment and you will get a lot from it.


And never forget about this important part of the writing process. If you have written a draft, it will be easier for you to have a more clear final version. But you still have to check for mistake and proofread the paper. This will help you to avoid the silly mistakes that can lead you to a bad grade. Make sure to give it to someone who will read it and tell his or her opinion. It will really help you to recognize the mistakes and to correct the essay in the right way. You can also run a spell check. Do whatever you think is good for your paper. You will definitely get the best results.

Too long or too short?

You have probably asked yourself if your essay should contain 2 pages or 10 pages. If there aren’t any guidelines on that, than you should not worry about it. Just write as much as you want. It all depends on your outline and topic. You should write in a way, where you will explain everything you wanted to the reader, without unnecessary details. The length is not important. Don’t think that your teacher will be impressed if he or she sees that you have written 20 pages.

Clear idea

In order to avoid confusion, you should stick to your main idea and stay precise and clear. You should have the main idea in the introduction and it should be discussed in the paper. Make sure to have this main idea and you can then start writing. Don’t lose focus and try to really stick to the topic. Don’t confuse yourself and the reader with details.